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Chess Games & Artists @ ChessArtist.com
Learn about 3D Chess and Video chess games, Chinese Chess Games, Best Chess Sets, Chess Pieces, Chess Players and more.

Celebrate Chess
A Celebration of chess as it applies to life and philosophy


WGM Natalia Pogonina
Official website of WGM Natalia Pogonina

Chess info

Chessology is a free chess game which helps you to learn and play chess using colors.

Learn to play chess, download chess wallpaper, analyze games.

Web site with chess resources for beginners and intermediate players: openings viewer, rules,
games, software downloads, ratings, play online and more.

Improve your chess endgames with online interactive simulator. 1000s of fun endgame puzzles available. Good for tactics training.

Begin Chess
Chess improvement blog

Commercial chess sites

Chess Equipments - Chess Set, Chess Board Online Reviews
"ChessEquipments.com is the source where you can check online's best chess set, chess board, chess tables .

Regency Chess Sets
Regency Chess are a shop based in the UK who supply chess products to chess players around the world

Chess Express- Chess Sets, Clocks, Boards, Pieces, Backgammon and Cribbage
Chess Express offers chess sets, chess books, chess clocks, chess pieces, & computers

Football chess pieces
Quality hand painted soccer chess pieces, cutomised to the team of your choice, including world cup 2006 teams, coming soon world cup winners special edition

My Chess Set
- Offering a wide variety of chess sets, boards, individual chess men, clocks, chess tables and components.

The Chesspiece
- TheChessPiece.com Online Chess Store sells chess sets, chess pieces, electronic computer chess and other chess supplies; shipping worldwide from Florida, USA.

Entertain Guests - chess sets and more
Various chess set from around the world. Wooden chess sets from Europe and India. Brass chess sets from Greece. Electronic chess sets from the United States.

Chess Sets
- ChessSets.com is the premier retailer of chess sets in the world. You'll find the widest selection of chess sets at the lowest prices!

Chess Sets & Supplies by Chess House
The Chess House, since 1972, has been a leading chess sets and supplies store. Thousands of chess products in stock including chess books, dvds, software, electronic chess, chess clocks, and more!

The Chess Computer Store
Web store offering handheld and tabletop electronic chess computers from Excalibur, Novag, and Saitek.

Chess Sets Staunton Pieces Wooden Boards
Exclusive range of wooden chess sets, staunton pieces and boards.

Chess Software-Free Chess to Download-Kids-Strategy-Downloads
ChessCentral-Buy Chess Sets and Chess Software, Download Chess Software Free!

Chess Doctor - The UK chess shop
Premier UK Chess shop and knowledge resource centre, retailer of chess sets, chessboards, chess computers and much more chess and associated products

Online Chess Sets Shop
Buy chess sets from our shop we have game items chess baords theme chess sets civil war chess sets on special discount prices We beat any price for our chess sets

Chess Sets, Chess Pieces, Chess Boards
Wholesalechess.com offers a wide selection of chess sets and accessories.

Chess federations and clubs

U.S. Chess center
The U.S. Chess Center teaches chess to children

The British Chess Federation
The British Chess Federation

International Chess Federation

Turkish Chess Federation

Colorado State Chess Association's official website
The official website fo the Colorado State Chess Association, with complete coverage of tournament and scholastic chess in the Colorado area.

Georgia Chess Association : Official Website

The Idaho Chess Association
Official State Affiliate to the United States Chess Federation (USCF).

Indiana State Chess Association
Indiana State Chess Association Indiana USCF

Maine Chess Association
The Maine Chess Association is a statewide, incorporated non-profit organization that promotes various chess related activities in Maine

The Missouri Chess Assocation
Chess in Missouri

New Hampshire Chess Association
The New Hampshire Chess Association (NHCA) promote chess in the state of New Hampshire.

North Carolina Chess Association
Chess in North Carolina

Correspondence chess

Correspondence Chess
FICGS is an international correspondence chess server where you can play round-robin tournaments and a knockout championship.

Chess Mail
Chess Mail is acknowledged to be one of the best free sites (running since 1997!) for information about correspondence chess activities, with interactive games to play through and download.

Online chess

ChessManiac.com is a free online chess playing community where you can participate in tournaments, teams, chess clubs and more.

PlayerPlaza Chess
Play online Chess and other board games in head-to-head competition for fun or money. Free registration. Sign up today!

ChessHere.com: Play Free Online Chess
Play free online chess against international players, play in tournaments, chess database, forums, ELO ratings, past game history and statistics.

The Free Internet Chess Server

Chess related sites

Puzzle Master
Puzzle Master has a large and unique collection of brain teasers; puzzles for sale. In addition they also carry chess,mechanical banks, puzzle books, magic trick books, boomerangs, etc.

International Computer Games Association

Chess Day Greeting Cards From 123Greetings.com
Celebrate Chess Day, while you reach out to chess-lover friends/ loved ones with e-cards from 123greetings.com

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