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General chess sites

Site of the 12th women world champion

what chessplayers really think

The History of the Chess Olympiads

Marek's 1.b4 world

Schach Forum
The main topics on our board are: Chess, Spare-Time, Schachogi and other Boardgames. It is also used as a communication platform for chess-players who want to share the latest news with eachother.

Chess Software, Chess Download and Chess Training Online
- Chess software including free chess software to download and chess training provided by chess grandmasters.

Chess World
Play chess, Chess PROBLEM COMPETITION ,download free files, read chess news and much more.

Welcome to the West Florida Chess Site!

Chessville: meeting a wide variety of chess-related needs, including instruction and advice, a huge and clearly-organized collection of chess-related web links, downloads, reviews, trivia and history, a discussion forum, an online chess league, and more! Go to: www.chessville.com

101 Chess Tips
Chess strategy tips and tricks.

Bruno's Chess Problem Of The Day:
Like chess? New chess problems daily, theoretical opening discoveries, chess news, articles, free chess strategies or tactics, banks of games


Learning Chess Area
- Learn chess from the masters, free chess tips online, chess strategy, training programs, books, and more.

The Chess Oracle
International Chess News

Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer - Videos / Sound / Biography / Latest News / Games

World Chess Links
World Chess Links - Best collection of chess links and free chess online resources

Chess Sets, Chess Boards
Chess Sets from ChessBaron,the UK premier supplier of Chess products

Chess set
Chessmaze International specializes in selling high quality classic and artistic chess sets, chess pieces, chess boards, backgammon sets, and other games such as dominos and checkers.

Chess School
Chess lessons, online chess, problems, news

NM Dan Heisman's Chess Homepage


Online Chess Games, Chess Learning
Download to learn chess online at IchessU! The #1 place for learning chess in an interactive way! Download Chess learning platform to help you to learn & play chess in a class room style with the chess mentors through their multi-path real-time interactive virtual classroom.

Chess books & magazines

Chess Books from Amazon.com

Everyman Chess
Publishers of chess books for all standards from beginner to grandmaster.

Chess Books Online: Your Chess Shop
Chess Books Online: Chess books about chess openings, chess middlegames, chess endgames and many other chess related subjects

Chess Puzzles for the Casual Player

Chess softwares

Sigma Chess
Mac OS X Chess Software bundled with the HIARCS engine. The feature set includes: UCI engines, Databases, PGN/EPD, basic desktop publishing, HTML export, 3D board, ExaChess compatibility etc.

Chess tutorial software and training simulators for beginners and tournament chess players.

KATACHESS is a chess training system to master chess! This program is not for players who do not know how to play chess, this program is for players who want to improve their game. The Katachess technique focuses on pattern recognition.

Software, fonts and graphics for chess publishing. Free downloads. Chess in Nørresundby (Denmark).

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