Stalemate traps and combinations

If the player cannot do any legal move despite the fact that his King is not in check it is called stalemate. and the game ends as a draw. As you see in the diagram: Black to move but he has no legal move.


Now you will see how the grandmasters used the stalemate as a trap and a combination.

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Stalemate trap - Example 1

stalemate trap   stalemate
A      B

Diagram A , Game Adams - Dimitrov : Adams (White ) prevented the defeat after Qh3+ ( check ) . Black must capture the Queen in order to not lose his queen.

Diagram B : The stalemate occured after Black Queen had captured the White queen: QxQ. White King has no move to do.

Stalemate combination - Example 2

After the Queen and the Rook sacrifice of Black, the game ended in a draw because of stalemate.

Stalemate combination - Example 3

White seems to be checkmated but he sacrifices his Rook and the Queen ( after pawn promotion) and prevents the defeat thanks to the stalmate.

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