Overloaded pieces - Overloading in Chess

A chess tactic , overloading happens if a defensive piece encounters with more than one assignement and is obligated to give up one of its assignement. This piece is called Overloaded Piece.

Example 1

Overloaded piece

White Queen is an overloaded piece. Black Bishop attacks the Knight ( c3 ) , Black Knight attacks the Rook ( e3 ) . After the Queen sacrifice of Black 21 ... Qc2
if 22. QxQ Nxe3 White Queen , Rook and King are forked. But 22. Re2 will not prevent to be forked.

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Example 2

Overloaded piece

After Bb7 Black Rook is overloaded. Black Rook protects the Bishop ( c1 ) and prevents to be checkmated after Rd8.

If Rook continues to protect the Bishop after the move Rc7 , White will checkmate after Rd8.

If The Rook didn't leave the back-rank , Bishop will be captures after by the White Rook.

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