The Fork, the pin and the skewer

The Fork

fork in chess
diagram 1

If you attack two of the opponent's pieces at the same time by using one piece , this is called a fork. A White Bishop attacks to a Black King and Knight. Black is obliged to lose his Knight.(Diagram 1) A White Knight attacks to a Black Queen and Rook. Black is obliged to lose one of its pieces.

fork in chess
diagram 2
A Queen and a pawn can also fork the opponents (see Diagram 2)

The Pin

pin in chess
diagram 3

Black Knight can't move because it will lose his King. (see diagram 3) This position is called as a pin.
The Black Bishop is also pinned by a White Queen.

The Skewer

skewer in chess
diagram 4

The White Rook is attacking to more valuable black queen .
The Queen must escape but the Black Rook will be lost. This is called a skewer. (see Diagram 4)

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