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Daily chess news : Rating lists, live games, results, standings and photos related to the worldwide tournaments. All major tournaments , international and national chess organisations. World chess championship , Chess Olympiads, London chess classic, Capablanca memorial, Russian super final and more...
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Houdini 3 - The World's Strongest Chess Playing Software

Houdini 3 is supplied with the latest Deep Fritz 13 chess interface and thus puts at your disposal all the training and analysis functions of the world's premium chess program. Houdini 3 includes:
- The Houdini 3 engine
- The ChessBase Engine Cloud
- The ChessBase "Let's Check" function*
- A database with over 1.5 million games Houdini
- Standard multiprocessor version

Rybka 4 Chess Playing Software

For years Rybka has been the uncontested number one in computer chess.
Now the new Rybka 4 plays even more aggressively and more tactically, with better understanding of the attack on the King.
Rybka 4 is more precise and reliable than its predecessor.
Rybka 4 contains a database of 1.5 million games and includes Classic membership for Playchess. com for one year.
Rybka 4 is a UCI engine, with 32 and 64-bit versions included in the package. Rybka can be made the default engine in ChessBase 10.

Fritz 15 Chess Playing Software Program & ChessCentral's Chess Fundamentals E-Book

Fritz 15 for Windows PCs with New and Improved 64 Bit and 32 Bit engine and program interface Windows 10 Compatible
Premium membership to the new ChessBase web tools for over 6 months
Playchess, the World's best online playing site, you get a 6 month membership
Database with over 1.5 million games
Chess Fundamentals Ebook is your guide to improvement in chess, as World Champion Capablanca takes you step by step from novice to upper-grade competitor

Millennium Chess Genius PRO

THE chess computer for tournament and club players and with an ARM Cortex M4 / 120 MHz processor and 160 KB of RAM, this is currently one of the most powerful chess computers of all time

Playing strength of over 2,200 ELO (International tournament standard), with opening moves library choices: The Classic London Book (approx 57,000 positions) and the Modern Book (more than 100,000 positions), or select no book and the computer calculates the move itself.

Versatile analysis mode (text displays and chessboard display), display analysis of positions, main variants and move number. Set up any chess positions easily for play or analysis

Build confidence: custom tailor the playing strength, options and exercises to suit virtually any skill level. The Integrated chess trainer also makes it well suited for beginners and novices.

1.5 x 1.75 inch backlit display shows the entire chess board. Actual board size measure 7.9 x 7.9 inches. Multilingual, text based user interace in 7 inches

Languages: DE / GB / FR/ NL / ES/ IT / RU

Pavilion Games: Talking Electronic Chess Game

Pavilion Games - Talking Electronic Chess Game features:Adjustable strength levels from beginner to tournament
Training modes, hints and game rating features Computer "voice" announces critical game information
Magnetic chessmen
Save your game in memory option
Pieces store under game board
Contemporary-style staunton chess piecesDeluxe

Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess, Part Three: Kasparov v Karpov 1986-1987
by Garry Kasparov
Publication Date: August 18, 2009
This 3rd volume of the,’Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess’ series concentrates on the third and fourth matches in this sequence: London/Leningrad 1986 and Seville 1987. Both matches were tremendously exciting and hard fought and both produced chess of an extremely high level.