by Can Aydinoglu

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List of the chess tournaments with detailed information.
World chess champ. -- Chess Olympiads
World Cup
World Team Chess Champ.
FIDE Grand prix series
Russian super final
European Team Chess Champ.
Tal Memorial -- Bilbao masters

Russian team ch. -- World cup
M-tel masters -- Corus Linares Morelia
Reggio Emilia -- Capablanca Mem.
Candidates matches -- London chess classic

Nanjing Pearl Spring -- World Chess Challenge
Aerosvit -- Cap d'Agde
Inventi chess -- NH chess
Amber -- Corus

Moscow open - Tata steel
Dortmund -- Poikovsky
Rilton cup -- Edmonton festival
Univé -- Yinzhou Cup

Country championships
Grandmaster Memorial tournaments
All chess tournaments

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